Back in Action Live 2024

It’s currently February and I am in the middle of FAWM again ( February Album Writing Month ) . Last year I managed ten songs and 1 instrumental of which 6 songs are now staples in my live set . So far this year I have managed 8 songs , but am only 10 days in so with a target of 10 songs again I hope to easily reach that . It’s going well and I’m pleased with what I’ve got though and have ideas already for another 3 songs so who knows how many I’ll get eventually !

Starting book in a few live gigs , which is difficult with our moving situation, but so far I have:

Seven Stars – St Patrick’s Day – with Pete

Shoulder of Mutton, Wantage – 4 piece Electric Ulterior Motives

How the Light Gets In Festival in Hay- Solo

Hellens Garden Festival – Much Marcle – Solo

Hopefully I can get some more things organised , although Summer is looking very busy already . Please see the live Dates page for details of these .

Here is just a taster of a new song from FAWM this year . This one is called “Hole in the Room”. It’s a one take recording , so a bit loose but should give an idea of what it’s about .

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