I’m Back !!

I appear to have taken quite a break from posting on here so decided to post a couple of catch up pages .

I got back into playing again in September , after my surgery, with a couple of Gigs including the first Dorstonebury Festival in the village I used to live in . It was a horrible wet day and this dampened the atmosphere for our set a bit , but here are a couple of songs from that show captured by Andy . It was a good opportunity to play again after a long break and get back with Pete. First song is Labour Day from The Lake album

Our Medley of songs by Bob Marley and Neil Young

A couple of days after we played at The Seven Stars and premiered our version of Me and the Ghost of St.Andrews by Allister Bradley , a Canadian Songwriter I met on our cruise in Greenland.

The next big bit of news in October was the first gig in more than 10 years for our 4 piece electric Band Ulterior Motives with a new drummer Will . We played two gigs , a warm up in The Shoulder of Mutton in Wantage and Gus’s Son Jack’s wedding in Cornwall . We were a bit rusty, but it was good fun, and more gigs are being planned for this lineup in 2024 .

Here is just a taster of those gigs :

Complete with wardrobe malfunction for Gus !!!
A favourite Crowded House song we’ve occasionally featured in our set.

Final playing of the year was an open mic in the Shoulder in Wantage playing with Pete . We played a lively set of old and new songs joined by the Landlord Guy on drums at some point . It was fun , but more enthusiastic than necessarily proficient !

So that was it for 2023 . Hopefully mid 2024 we will be in Oxfordshire and I’ll be able to get a more rehearsed band and pick up playing with Pete and Gus on a more regular basis .

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