The Shoulder and FAWM

We had a great time playing as the full band at The Shoulder in Wantage, with Jim Stewart on drums . We were certainly under rehearsed so kept to a simple set , but it went down well and on occasions we clicked with some of the energy and power we used to get.

Here in glorious posterized punk effect ( Thanks Andy Boyd for the video) is It’s all over now from that gig :

Next up for me is to start to refresh my repertoire with some of the new songs from this years FAWM. I am really happy as I managed 10 songs , plus my spoken epic combining dialogue with song “Whisper of the Stars”. So far 3 songs have been played live , but 4 more are in progress. “ Hole in the Room”, “Ghosts and Gods” and “ Four corners of the Street” are all good to go. I managed a diverse mix of folk to Rock to Psychedelic, on a mix of subjects both topical , personal and social commentary and am really pleased with the quality .

I have a new stripped back recording project planned in April and some of the new songs will make that along with some from last year’s Fawm, more to follow on that !

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