Breakfast with The King

A belated posting of this , but I thought I’d already done it .

Early in 2020 a good friend of ours in Sarasota finally lost a long standing battle with Cancer . Tony was a poet with whom we shared a connection, as he was born in Cirencester before moving to the USA. I met Tony at a music party hosted by Jean Bayou in Sarasota, not long after our move to the USA, and later at various open mics , and we became friends .

When I was also undergoing Chemo we spoke on the phone on a number of occasions , and formed a sort of bond.

On our last visit to the USA in November 2019 we met Tony for breakfast in a diner in Sarasota which was famous for a visit by Elvis Presley in the 1960’s and it appeared to have not changed too much since !. We had a good time and were glad we were able to see him for one last time .

I wrote this song for him using some of his poetry, both as a chorus and interspersed in the song and it is my small tribute to him .

Breakfast with the King

This version features Ted Fordney on bass and Pete Young on Piano, but I have recently been playing a slimmed down solo version live , and it works equally well in that format.

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