Breaking The Silence and Lockdown recordings

It’s been a busy few months and I decided to take a break from any on-line presence .There was just too much negativity around this summer .

In May ,following the first relaxing of lockdown, we moved into our new home in the English Countryside in Herefordshire. This was followed by the sale of our barn where we’d lived for 22 years , and we finally moved everything out at the end of August.

I now have a new music room/studio in a Shepherds Hut in the garden , where I can get back to writing and developing my playing .

I’ve really missed playing live and it looks like it will be a long time before  we’ll be back to any sort of normality in live music venues. Somehow playing to a video camera/phone with no audience doesn’t give the same buzz.

As we (hopefully) avoid going back into Lockdown again, I’ve decided to make available the 3 tracks I recorded during the original lockdown in early Summer.

All three tracks were a bit of an experiment with recording techniques and styles and I was joined ( safely socially distanced by more than 2000 miles) by Ted Fordney on bass and backing vocals and general useful suggestions.


This is a jangly pop song , written back in February and demo’d very differently at that time . Tried to get a 60’s psychedelic pop feel.

Country Flowers

An alternative take on the title track to the new album. A chance for me to experiment with the Lap Steel guitar and try to achieve an intentionally country folk feel .

Twelfth Night

Another brand new track demo’d acoustically in January. This is intended as a sort of chilled, percussion driven mix for a song about post Christmas blues.

These songs are very much early versions and over time and playing live may well develop and change but the recordings at least capture a period in time.

The new album Wildflowers  is about to go live on streaming services and on my Bandcamp site . Will Post all the launch details next week  . Watch this space


8 Replies to “Breaking The Silence and Lockdown recordings”

    1. Thanks Dave . Hope all is well in Portugal in these strange times . I am writing notes on my life at present and you got a mention in the Claremont Youth club gig a lifetime ago.

  1. Thank you for these songs. Love to hear your voice, and hear your thoughts through your lyrics. Look forward to seeing you and Sandie again. Keep well! Kate and Rick

    Those harmonies in Twelfth Night!

  2. Awesome Alan! So good to hear your new songs.!! Great words and poetry! I love the sweet slide guitar sounds you did on Country Flowers! Love the message also! Twelfth Night is something we can all relate to… Winter blues definitely happens for most of around Christmas!
    Love all your guitar sounds and rythms.
    Thanks for making these available to enjoy! I look forward to hearing the metamorphosis of all three over time! Songs we write keep changing and growing as we do, depending on our emotions at the time! That’s what makes it art!
    Good work my friend! So fun to hear Ted on bass….he sounds fantastic! You two are a good pairing as well as dear friends.
    Nice website also! Enjoyed the pics and the news! Such a wonderful way to share your big heart, music and poetry!

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